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Words of Empowerment and Healing with Serenity

This page is not to teach but to bring the Power of the Holy Spirit into the lives of people everywhere for the purpose of healing, comfort and empowerment.


Serenity Robbins is a gifted Spiritual Guide and Mentor, who helps people with true Soul healing. She is a senior disciple of Ascended Master Serapis Bey, standing in the Heart of her Master-Teacher, and a beloved disciple of Ascended Master Hilarion, who has taught her many interventions of Love to nurture and foster others.  She is recognized by her Master-Teachers as an intuitive empath serving as a beacon of Light and Love to all whom she serves. Her innate ability as an empath has taught her to assist others without directly affecting either their field of energy or her own.

Serenity has the gift of Divine connection with the Holy Mother-Spirit, and thus she is able to bring through the purest aspects of Divine healing and awareness to others. This makes her a powerful conduit for God-Force-Love, so that she is able to understand and convey these prevailing Heavenly energies to people who are in need of personal empowerment.


Nurturance as Nourishment for the Soul

By Serenity

© August 10, 2017


God is Love and so are you. True Self, Higher Self, Inner Essence, I AM Presence, doesn’t matter what you call it, it is you, the real you, the you that never left God’s embrace, the you that has always been and always will be one with the Creator.  The Soul is the Divine Self that animates our biophysical self.  It is the divine essence that chose to inhabit a physical body for the purpose of coming to Earth to live a divine life of service.  Yes, that is why we are here.  To live a life of Divine service to the One, the One from whom our being originates.  We are divine sparks of light and we come from the Eternal Essence of Love.  We are Love and we are born to Love.  We live in Love, for love, with love, by love and we were meant to bring God’s love to Earth.  We were meant to share love, create from love and to praise our Creator, the Source of Love. Love manifests in many ways; nurturance is one aspect of this great abiding Love.


To nurture the Soul is the power of love in action. It is a heart opening experience for self and other that encourages the development of the soul and it moves you forward on your spiritual path.  Nurturing involves understanding, compassion and compassionate action.  The desire to nurture or be nurturing comes from the heart-mind and is felt by those around you.


To nurture self is to be compassionate to self, acknowledging that you are loveable and valuable.  It is a form of self-respect and reverence for self as a divine being.  Nurturing can take many forms such as appreciating nature, meditating to follow one’s own inner guidance and aligning yourself with your soul, which allows the heart to lead you to your passion which serves everyone.  The key here is to become aware of what nourishes you and what brings you joy.  There is a part of you that is calling for your own loving attention.  This kind of self-awareness leads to relating to others with kindness and respect.  Nurturing is for the upliftment of body, mind and soul in order to create well-being.  This consciousness raising quality nourishes your soul and gives you the strength to nourish others.


There are many facets to love and nurturing is a facet that allows you to connect to Love Itself. Nurturing is a way of allowing God’s Love to flow through you.

Nurturing gives you the time and space to connect to the Highest aspect of Love, Eternal and Infinite–God loves you.


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