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Messages from the Realms

AliceAnn Melchizedek

AliceAnn is a senior chela and voice channel for the Ascended Masters and Realms of Light. She started her journey of voice channeling in 2007 and has faithfully brought through the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood of Light either through the Masters, who are her Teachers & Guides or the Archangels, who have worked through her to bring forth portals of living Light to the Earth. Recently though, she has been gifted with an attunement that allows her to bring through the messages of the Realms of Light. These messages from the High Lords of Heaven are essential to the opening of the Realms to the Earth. Few upon the planet are gifted with this ability to stand before these powerful Lords and bring through, not only their words, but their Divine Intent.

This webpage is devoted to the messages from the High Lords (and Ladies) of the Highest Reaches of Heaven known as the Realms of Light. The messages themselves may be brief in content or slightly personal in delivery, but they apply to all of humanity, especially those who are firmly on the Path of Upliftment and Light. These messages also carry Divine encodings of Light as well as necessary information for a given opening of Heaven or warning to carry forth without any 3D hindrances. We invite you to experience the Realms of Light and the High Holy Ones that govern this Universe in Love and Compassion through these powerful messages of Light.


Current Message of the Day

Lord Christ / The Platform of Liberation is Being Prepared

Through the Messenger, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

© Monday, 28 August 2017

We are the Christ. The formations of Heaven that are now descending are reaching to the consciousness of those who are ready to receive. The platform of Liberation is being prepared. Consciousness is being attuned to the Radiance of the incoming Energies of the Creator.

Following your Heart-Mind and taking time to meditate is the approved method for full Liberation, Upliftment, Ascension. No matter what you do or say or how you think of the coming Divine Plan it shall go forth as Father-Mother One has predicted. Life lessons of eons of rebirth have taught you the value of the inwardness of the Soul. Now, focus is on acquiring more Divine Energies from the Source Creator.

While garnering these energies, equanimity and balance must ensue. Once you receive the Radiant Force Energy of these now moment Energies from Heaven, you must come to terms with them in your own individual consciousness. For this is the time that these Sacred centers within the Crown/Kether are being adjusted to the proper frequencies of the Ascended Life. Leaving duality behind at first, may seem difficult to do, but We assure you that once you cross that threshold you will never choose to come back to duality.

Commencing life on Planet Earth in its new garment of Radiance is altogether a different matter. Properly garbed in the Raiment of Heaven, the Raiment of your True Heritage, you will soar with Joy and the Freedom you shall feel within your Soul will be like nothing else you have ever experienced. Know now, dear Children of Light, that this is the Path to Liberation.

We are the Christ. You may call Me the Christed One, or you may call Me the Son.

Foremost in consciousness is receptivity.