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Messages from the Divine Mother

Doris Marie

Doris Marie has been receiving messages from Mother Mary since the very first day she discovered she could scribe. As she blossomed into her gift of scribing, messages from the Divine Mother (Creator Most High) also began coming through with great clarity and Love. Although many of Doris Marie’s messages are somewhat personal, they each carry a beautiful and gracious message for the world.

The Divine Feminine messages on this webpage are to assist humanity to a Higher Light Focus, one of the Holy Mother’s Love and Acceptance. Some of Doris Marie’s messages come through to her in Spanish, given a wonderful depth of meaning and profundity to the words of the Holy Mother in all Her aspects. We invite you to dwell in the Words of the Mother and find the Peace of God that liveth in all of us.


Current Message of the Day

Message from the Divine Mother – Prosperity and Sharing

Through DorisMarie

© Friday 9 June 2017

Beloved Children

In the incoming advent of the prosperity programs be not concerned of where the money comes or where you will use it.  Be aware of the knowing that it is innate in you–not the physical 3-D but the upper triad of your I AM self.  This is the all-knowing self that will propel you to the right awareness of all good things.  You are my beloved children.  Know that my love for you never falters no matter what.  Go within to know me and my loving ways.  Know that all will come about and share my way with those you encounter.  Know that I have always said this over and over.  Shine your light and love to all – be the beacon that transforms all to my way – LOVE!

I AM the Divine Mother be well and thrive.