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Messages from Serapis Bey

AliceAnn Melchizedek

AliceAnn has been a clear voice channel for the Ascended Masters since 2007. Although her principle method of receiving from the Masters is through the spoken word of the Master, she has also learned to receive from them through the printed word. AliceAnn is not a daily scribe per se, but rather when Master Serapis wishes a message to go out into the world, he does overlight AliceAnn so that his message to the world can come through.

The following messages from the Ascended Master Serapis Bey have either been posted to AliceAnn’s Facebook page as a daily message to the evolving world, or have been posted to an earlier generation of this website as a monthly message of encouragement and spiritual direction. Future messages for this webpage will come directly from Serapis Bey through his beloved chela, AliceAnn, as a timely and meaningful guidance from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven, who seeks to assist all humanity in the coming upliftment of Earth.


Current Message of the Day

Message from Ascended Master Serapis Bey / Sacred 11 as Keys to Upliftment

Through the Channel, Rev. AliceAnn Melchizedek

11 August 2017

Greetings, Dear Ones of Light. I am he, Serapis Bey, I give you greetings from the Angelic Realms this day.

August is a crucial month for Earth’s upliftment. In August there are three days that hold the frequency of 11. These dates are 3/8, 12/8, and 21/8. These dates hold the sacred number of eleven, which is a number that can and does augment the Frequencies necessary for Earth’s transition to its next octave. This, of course, includes the augmentation of humanity’s consciousness along with the other three Kingdoms of the Earth.

We tell you that it behooves you to pay attention. Each day the Realms of Light are sending frequencies unique to Earth’s Upliftment, while at the same time there are collective Energies from Source that will further enhance both Earth’s and Humanity’s consciousness in a forward momentum in order to accelerate the Ascension of all life on your planet.

On 3/8 you found that the Galactic Logos provided very special Energies that enhanced your consciousness and grounded you to the Earth, allowing your soul-consciousness and Earth-consciousness more aligned. On 12/8 the Earth takes a major forward step in the enhancement of dimensional change, preparing for the overlighting of the Father’s Energy on 21/8. On 21/8 there will be a major solar eclipse over the United States of America from West to East coast. This will bring Earth and her inhabitants to a pinnacle of Awareness and purification that has never truly been understood or experienced by previous Ages. Still, all will be well.

In this time of flux, it is important for you to be as fully Aware of your Inner Life, your Soul, if you like, as you can possibly be. Heaven has sent many ambassadors of Light to you to assist you in this process of Upliftment, including the Lord Christ Himself. Now, did He appear in the flesh as a hologram in the sky? Absolutely not. But rather the Christ Consciousness has come time and time again to show you the way, very much as he did when he walked the Earth as Jesus.

Now, Dear Ones, begin to prepare yourself for wonders! For Heaven and Earth are joining in a magnificent array of Heavenly-Earthly cooperation. Mother Gaia is ecstatic over her new rainment, her new patterns of life enhancement. And, so should each of you be. Look inward, dear Hearts and find the Source of your Becoming. Rejoice in the Patterns of Renewal that are your birthright.

We tell you that this is a time of rejoicing as well as inner preparation. As the 11 days come and flow through you, receive their gifts, receive the benefice of Heaven, and listen from within to your inner voice, the voice that never leads you astray. You will find that upon listening closely, you will be Divinely Guided to where you need to be, what you need to focus on, and how you are to receive these very awesome 11 frequencies.

We give you blessings from the Realm of the Seraphim, even as the Ascended Masters give you blessing from the Ascended Master Realm.

Be well. I am he Serapis Bey. God is with you, now and for evermore.