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Messages from On High


Sophia is relatively new to the world of Divine Messengers, yet she is profound, clear and authentic in every word she scribes. Sophia’s devotion to God and the Creator’s Divine Plan is magnified in each word she brings forth from On High. Sophia is an Advanced disciple (chela) of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey as well as a recognized chela of the Ascended Master Hilarion. She has had many profound spiritual experiences and awakenments throughout her life that have prepared her for this gift of Grace.

The following messages from “The Realms of Light” come from a variety of Divine Sources. Each message comes through Sophia in a meditative state, where her attunement to Heaven allows her to channel or scribe the incoming message. Although there is a list of messages provided on the sidebar for convenience to the site’s visitors, it is also important to read them as an ongoing flow from Heaven.

Current Message of the Day

Message from Paul Veronese / The Shimmering Soul

Through Sophia   

© Monday, 19 March 2018

Greetings beloveds. The sanctification of your souls is occurring as we witness your willingness to move forward on the path of love, wisdom and beauty, the higher divine qualities of your human experience, as you choose to leave behind the qualities of your lower self, especially of the ego.

Those aspects of your humanness have served you well in your experience of duality, of right and wrong, of better or worse, of black or white, the confusion and indecision that the world of duality can provide during your growth process. These experiences can also move you along into greater clarity as you begin to perceive the higher truths in your life and observe the upliftment of the qualities of love, wisdom and beauty. As your focus turns from the material physical level– from the outward appearance of things in your life, your perception, your experience of grace, of peace will expand as you turn inward toward your soul. For the beauty of your soul outshines your planetary sun. Its brilliance contains the spark of the Divine within you and radiates outward, towards the world, towards your loved ones and all those in your life, as you focus upon it.


The flame of your heart needs your nurturance.   As you strengthen this flame, it not only grows brighter, it becomes the spiritual strength you may draw upon from your heart center. As your heart expands with this higher Love and Light, the bindings fall away. Those things fall away which bound you into the lower consciousness. The material levels of your world begin to loosen their grip on you as your mind and heart grow closer and closer until they become one: your heart mind.

The outer reaches of your consciousness enable you to perceive and understand that the lower reality, the lower consciousness that you have lived within was greatly limiting your freedom to see the beauty within yourself, others and in your world. The luminous colors in nature, the sounds in nature can lift you into a blissful reality. They can teach you and reflect back to you the beauty within: the many colors of your being and the music in your soul as you learn to listen. For the beauty in your soul needs only your recognition that it is directly, intimately connected to Creator Source. The shimmering soul within, when recognized by you, will transform your perception of the world as you learn to distinguish between the lower three dimensional reality and the higher one which is absolute truth, beauty, love and wisdom.

These are the gifts of higher consciousness as you dedicate yourself to a life of service, joy and spiritual blessings. Look no further than the life, the situations in which you find yourself now. You may see beloved ones and all those in your life as your teachers. Then you can find the blessings within these experiences that are here to teach you there is a higher path you may choose.

The strength will be available to you as you set your sight on a life in which your deeper, truest yearnings of the heart may be expressed, will be expressed. For you will receive heavenly guidance and support as you step higher on this path. And yes, dear ones, it is one step at a time. Each step is a precious one, no matter how small it seems at the time. Your feet will stay the path if your heart mind is in alignment with your intentions. Ask for clarity and it will be given to you, as you learn to listen. For this is a beautiful world, this is a beautiful life you have been given. The darkness will soon pass away, as you welcome and focus on the light, the Infinite Light of God Almighty, the unconditional Love of God Almighty.

May these truths find their way into your consciousness. I offer them with love and deep devotion to you and all of humanity who are awakening now.

I am Paul Veronese.


Message from Ezekiel / The New Jerusalem

Through Sophia

© Sunday, 3 March 2018

Be grateful children of God, for the energy you spend in prayer, in meditation, in your spiritual work towards ascension is returned to you one hundred fold. Wake up, Oh children of Israel! Wake up Oh children of God!

Acknowledge the pillars of Light and call them forward when you do your work. These pillars of Light will assist you and protect you as you move into the higher frequencies of light. You are building through your work, with this light. You are building the strength you need. You are building spiritual structures of Light and inviting the formation of the Merkaba and the pyramidal energies that are a part of your ascension process.

So be wise beloved ones on this path. Be aware that these things are taking place within the dimensions you have access to at this time, as you move higher and higher on this ladder of ascension. Be aware of the images that come to you and invite them to you as these images contain not only sound, but power to assist you.

Doubt not, and tarry not in the truths that you beheld yesterday, for the truths you need for today will become apparent to you as you stay in the present now moment of the five dimensional reality you are learning to inhabit more fully.   Tarry not in yesterday, but lift your eyes to the higher levels of this ladder which you are climbing. The stronger your focus, the easier your ascension will be.   You will find the symptoms of the five bodies will be shifting . As you hold steadfastly in your intention and your vision, the more difficult aspects of transfiguration will be easing as all levels of your Adam Kadmon being are reformed and renewed.

Beloved disciples of God, though the way may be difficult at times, remember your devotion to the Father, to the glory of God and to the manifestation of the New Kingdom coming forth on Earth as it is in Heaven. Be strong in your belief and in your knowledge that not only are you a chosen one, but you have chosen back to be an instrument of peace and unconditional love in the New Kingdom which is arising.

Your clear vision of the New Jerusalem connects you with all of the prophets and the Messiah who have cherished and strengthened the potentiality of the Kingdom arising, coming into fruition in this time of the new evolution in your universe and on your planet. Behold the glory and the beauty as your intention and your vision become purified, washed clean of all past impediments to your becoming the instruments of peace and unconditional love for Mother Father God Most High.

As you progress on the path, keep your feet firmly planted on Mother Earth remembering that you are present on earth serving humanity but you are no longer living in three dimensional consciousness limitation.   May your spirits soar, may your hearts be joyous as you share this journey with your brothers and sisters of Light on planet earth, as you serve together for the upliftment of humanity and the manifestation of the Divine plan on Mother Earth.

I am Ezekiel, messenger of God.


Message from Divine Mother / The Limitless Light

Through Sophia

© Monday, 26 February 2018

I come forth to bring a blessing to you who have pledged your hearts to the service of the One, who have given your sacrifice and great love into your work for humanity. May you feel the mantle of my Love surrounding you now. For my gentleness and radiance is upon you. Open your heart and mind, your soul essence to the true sounds of heaven, the vibration of Divine Love. Allow it to enter all levels of your being. For the hunger of your spirit, the yearning of your soul may receive these blessings. You may feel a resonance deep within, if you will listen deeply, bringing yourself into quietness, into the stillness of your true being.

Empty out now anything that you feel is blocking your clear vision, your next steps into your ascension. For you have the power-beloved disciples of God-you have the power to transcend the third dimensional conciousness and move into the awareness of your soul, of your Oversoul and your eternal connection with Ain Soph, that Limitless Light of which you are a part.

For each step you take, beloved ones, into recognition of your Divine empowerment will increase your strength to hold firm in the Light of the Christ. For, you now live in a Christed Universe, so that the support, the unending support of the universe and the High Holy Ones is available to you now, if you ask.

Though the road may be rough at times while you still walk upon Mother Earth, continue taking the pebbles out of your shoes, so you may move forward with ease and grace into the Kingdom of God as it becomes the place wherein you dwell, while still being of service to humanity. If you are seeing images of the stairs to heaven, this is a sign to your soul that you may step into higher realizations of the truth.

All is being given to you now, my beloved children. All is being given that you need. Your supplications are no longer needed. Only your humility, only your humble and open heart; your willingness to sacrifice any remnants of the ego that may still attempt to persuade you to step away from your path of Light. Lord Christ is with you as you journey into the higher realms, assisting and supporting as you recognize the magnificence of your journey into the Limitless Light, and the Unconditional Love of the One.

Come into my heart now. Feel the comfort, the wisdom, the interpenetration of the Divine throughout your entire being.   These gifts are available to you. May you be blessed to partake. May you be blessed and partake of these gifts.

I am Divine Mother.


Message From Lord Metatron / The End Times

Through Sophia       

© Friday, 16 February 2018

I am coming to you with a message of transcendent joy. This is a joy emanating from the center of Christ consciousness within you. Know that this emanating Light is part of your new arising into the fulfillment of your covenant with God.

For these times have been prophesied in other space-time continuums. These are the “end times”, greatly misunderstood by humanity for eons. When Yeshua said “I am with you even unto the end of the world” the meaning was hidden from most at that time. The true meaning is now being revealed as a new evolution of Love within your universe and your planet earth. The old paradigm of greed, deception and fear is falling away like old skins and the new garments of Light of those choosing into this new evolution are coming into form.

Those who are consciously choosing the Higher Light, the Higher principle of Love, see the gate opening before them now. The gate of ascension is illumined in your conscious awareness more and more as you choose into this new possibility for your life, for Mother Earth.

In the bible, it is called the division of the wheat from the chaff, meaning the New World, the brightness you are gazing into, requires your choice beloved ones of earth. For the old world is passing away. No soul will be lost but the new world beckons, as the old can only promise continuation of your growth within the old paradigm of illusions.

So the end of the world beloveds, means your choice has great portent for the evolution of your soul. You may continue believing in the false reality set before you by the media and by your limited physical sight. Look Higher! Ask for divine assistance to develop your spiritual sight, and it will be revealed to you. You will discover the presence of the Christ Light within. This Light will illumine your world in a way that will open channels of spiritual insight and beautiful revelations to you.

Come into the Light! Choose no longer the way of darkness, despair or disbelief. The joy of Spirit, of release, of laughter awaits you. The choice is yours beloved ones. Angelic helpers and spirit guides await your willingness, the movement of your soul, in order to assist you.

May your arising into the Light be Joyous! The New Earth, Mother Gaia welcomes you!

I am Lord Metatron.


Message from The Father and Lord Christ / All Things are Being Made New

Through Sophia

© Friday, 9 February 2018

Welcome beloveds to the ascension of life, the greater life of the Spirit. For, you have welcomed this time through your labors in the fields of the Lord. Glory Be to God in the Highest, on earth, peace, good will to all beings.

Raise up your eyes to heaven now as you witness the lion laying down with the lamb. All things are being made new in He who raises the dead. For there is no more death as you walk through this sacred gateway of Eternal Light, of Eternal life.

Come unto Me now beloved disciples, for I will make you new in your garments of Light. As you walk through this gateway of the illumination of the Spirit, receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit now. Open your hands as you cross this threshold into the higher realms of the Father. You may glimpse the new becoming as you are prepared for the new consciousness of Love in your body, mind and spirit.

Hosanna in the Highest! The gates are opening to you now. You who have labored long in My vineyards are now prepared through your great love , through your recognition of yourself as the Light of the world. Your willingness to step into the true divinity of your soul and of your Christed oversoul : knowing with your eyes wide open, that this awakening will change you forever, forever.

Here is a Prayer for Disciples:

Father, I pledge the wholeness of my life in thee, to thee now, into the fullness of Thy Divine plan for my life. The union of my soul with Thee is coming into completion as I offer my being into Your hands. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, I am yours.

I am the servant of Your Heart, of Your magnificent creation.

I am one with all life as I am willing to step into Thy Kingdom.

Thy Kingdom is within me now. So this holy moment, these holy thoughts, these holy words are now burned into the heart and soul of me.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tseybayoth.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tseybayoth.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tseybayoth.


Jehovah is One,

Jehovah is One,

Jehovah is One.

I Am All That I Am.

I Am All That I Am.

I Am One with The One.

And so it is.

In the name of the Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Son,

now and forever more.



Message from Mother Mary / You Have Risen Above!

Through Sophia

© Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Beloved ones, though these times may be full of challenges for you, I bring you good tidings of great joy!  For you have borne the trials of earth through such storms as the darkness could bring yet you have risen above!

So, I tell you these are indeed sacred times for you who have chosen into the Light again and again. You have chosen into the Light of the Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Son.

This space-time continuum brings forth the translucent blue and pink hues of the One Most High; look up and see how it envelops you now. Lift up your eyes dear angels of earth, feel the movement of wings within and around you as you keep your eyes fixed on me, on all the Divine beings rushing into your presence, as you call us. Do call upon us beloveds, as we perceive the gentlest of signs from you, the sincerest murmurings of your heart to return to the Heart of God.

This opening in the skies can reveal to you the truth that your choice to be of service to the One and to humanity, is held in great reverence by us and all the heavenly Hosts. Hold steady in the strength and the trust you have gathered in your lifetimes of faith. The fortitude and steadfastness of your love, of your soul brings forth the Glory of God you have prayed for in your life, in your work in the fields, in your deepest heart. Therein dwells the Living Light, the Living God of your being.

(Prayer to Divine Mother)

“O Divine Mother, speak to us O Holy Spirit. Fill us with thy Divine presence so we may never again allow our lower selves to doubt you, or to fear the lower fields of three dimensional existence. As we now drink from your Chalice of Light, we feel your Love filling every pore, every cell of our being. We feel every particle of our being receiving your Grace.

We thank you for your incandescent, all encompassing Love of which we are a part.


May it ever be so, now and forever more.

I am Mother Mary


Message from Ezekiel / Keys to Ascension

Through Sophia

© Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I am bringing a message of joy and welcoming into and through the ascension gateway, beloved ones of earth. For, the fruit has ripened in the fields, and your work in the fields of the Lord has assisted in bringing forth this holy time of the transformation into the Infinite Way on Mother Gaia.

The glorious upraising of all souls who are prepared and who have helped prepare the way is at hand. The wheel within the wheel brings a movement of the Holy Spirit within you, a movement, a vibration you may now experience, beloved children of Light.

The Holy Spirit is descending upon the earth now, her beautiful mantle of Love may be felt by all levels of creation on Mother Gaia:  A luminous presence, a grace given to those who are blessed to be walking in the Light, within the consciousness of the Holy Grail, the Holy Chalice.

You are invited to drink from this Chalice of Light, for the way is being opened to you now. Forsaking all past grievances and embracing forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love assures your entrance into the Merkabah of Light, your ascension into the New Earth, the New Israel. The scroll of the New Israel is unfolding as humanity is readying in consciousness for a new society, a community of peace, where love prevails in government and in the hearts of all beings:

On earth, as it is in heaven, the peaceable kingdom, at last!

Hold to this Light, this assurance of your protection as Mother Earth goes through her changes. For, death is being defeated. You will be lifted up as you recognize yourself as a child of God. Sons and daughters of the Living Light, Hosanna in the Highest greets you now in the Oneness of All That Is.

Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts! as you walk through the gateway, sweet angels, beloved ones of God the Father, the Mother.

I am Ezekiel, Messenger of God.


Message from Lord Metatron / Here Comes the Sun!

Through Sophia

© Sunday, 21 January 2018

I come on wings of joy sweet angels of earth! As this new season of your life unfolds, this new year you have been given, we see the changes taking place within you and within your relationships with others. The joy that may be bubbling up inside of you is a response to the greater Light quotient, the higher love quotient you are absorbing from heaven at this time. For you are one and a holy part of Mother Gaia, who is also transcending into her higher vibration, into her higher manifestation:

the consciousness that embraces all of life as one with Source.

If you are inviting these higher energies dear ones, this is a sign of your readiness, it is a sign you have already made preparations in your body, mind and spirit for the greater infusion of Christ Light energy into your life, into your being. The evidence of this is that gentle, or exuberant joy coming from a deep place within.

Stand and enter into this beautiful pillar of Light as if you were welcoming the first day of sunshine after many days that were darkened by fear, by worry, by belief that the sun would never shine again upon you. Well, beloveds, I am here to tell you, the sun, the source of all life on your planet, not only nourishes Mother Gaia and all her life, but is a representation of Source. You make call it Source energy.

So in a joyful and playful manner, I say to you, here comes the sun!

Dearly beloved ones, here comes the sun!

May this sacred light energy bubble up through you now, infusing, opening all cells, atoms, sub-atomic particles of your being as you put away the fears of doubt, of lack, of oblivion. When you stand in the holy window now of this Light, you may imagine your entire being– arms open wide—receiving this higher frequency of life, for all life vibrates with the music of the spheres. All life of which you are a precious part, vibrates with the sound of the One. May you feel this Living Light, may you feel this brilliant Living Light, as you allow your mind to expand to receive it.

This time on your planet is a time of change, of transformation. So, dear ones, you must take care of yourselves on all levels of your existence: physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual. As you experience and open to greater Light frequencies, you may avoid fear by trusting in your Source, the Source you are so intimately connected to.

“In God I trust.

God is my Source and my Salvation.

I praise his Name, I praise his Name.

In complete trust in the One,

I now place my life in your hands,

Beloved Mother Father God.

I know that I and Thou are One.”

May this prayer, this song, become a part of your day, your life, beloved children of God, now and forever more.


I am Lord Metatron.


Message from Archangel Gabriel / The Feast Table of Awakening

Through Sophia

© Friday, 19 January 2018

Here receive a blessing from the Christed Light Realms. Beloved ones of planet Earth, we invite the opening of your heart mind, your consciousness, to hear our voices, our message of hope, love and charity. For the resurrection of these qualities bring forth the presence of the Living Light within your soul. The divinity of your soul cries out to be expressed in this time on Mother Earth.

The treasure beyond compare shines inside and can no longer be suppressed, beloved ones! The presence of the transcendent Light of your original beingness and the evolution of your soul into this now moment is the awakening you have asked for. The awakening into the finest, brightest expression of your spirit is the occasion for great joy in heaven!

For we are your support team and are ready and present to guide, to love you in the deepest stirrings of your hearts. Come now to this feast table of awakening, to the fullness of the divine plan the Father has for you. The Light of the Father is an eternal flame within your heart, that can never be extinguished.

If your heart is pure and intentioned toward God, the depth of your being knows, responds, to the words, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts!” The sound of these words, this music, may bring forth a memory hidden like gems in the sands of time, through your many lifetimes, a reverberation of your oneness with Creator Source.

The blessing within the sound of sacred words enliven the body, mind and soul. Do you remember a dedication you made to the Father, a promise to love, serve and obey? “I will love the Lord, my God, with all my body, mind and soul.” Herein lies the awakening you seek, beloveds. The radiant beauty of your soul breaks free into expression through not only your voice and your presence, but radiates through your very cells. Your cells are becoming cells of electric light frequency, an at-onement with Mother Father Creator Source.

Fear not, for the changes arising are in complete harmony with your divinity of being, the divine plan for your life. You are watched over by a protective band of your angels and guides. You may release the past, the shell of who you were in the old paradigm. Relinquish your small mind which doubts and fears your soul’s becoming, your soul’s evolution into a higher Light consciousness. For, the unconditional love that surrounds you will heal every ill, every fear, every shadow that could block your progress on the lighted path ahead.

Beloveds, your love for your maker is a beautiful part of the journey you have undertaken. The expression of your love and gratitude for the gift of your life opens new portals enabling more unsurpassed love to pour into you, into your life. For truly, the boundaries of the flesh are temporal, but your spirit is eternal.

May your connection with Source, with God force Love, infuse your being now and for ever more, from this moment forward.

“Glory Be to God in the Highest, and on earth, good will to men, all people, all life!”

I am Archangel Gabriel.


Message from Lord Sananda, Yeshua / The Christed Light Opening,

Through Sophia

© Friday, 12 January 2018

Come unto me all those of you who are heavy hearted for I will give you rest. Knowing you are supported by Spirit, by Heaven may give succor to those of you who trust in me, who trust in the Word that has been given to you by the Christ, the Christ who is walking among you now beloveds.

He has returned because enough of humanity, enough of you have opened your hearts to the truth of who you are as God’s children. No one is kept away, no one is sent away who is pure of heart, who is ready and willing to step over this threshold, this golden threshold before you.

Place the Light before you, come through the door; the fear of loss, the fear of death doesn’t live here any more. Beloveds, you have waited for these times you now live in, can you feel the chimes ringing, the gentle arising in your hearts?

You cannot fall now, you have come too far and are held in Heaven’s embrace. Your work in many lifetimes is now coming into fruition. Partake of the harvest, beloved children of Light! The portals are opening, look to the sky! See, if you have eyes to see. Hear the angels sing, if you have ears to hear!

You are not alone. You will discover if you venture your loving gaze toward others, that they also have that Light in their eyes. Look and you will see it, for the Lord God says “My children are awakening!”

Fear not when you perceive the darkness still attempting to push you back into fear, dear ones. The darkness knows its days are numbered and that the Living Light is stronger than ever on Mother Earth. The Living Light of the One is an enveloping presence now on your planet. You have only to open and release your unbelieving small mind, to begin to shift your perception. A beautiful feeling of warmth, of Light will pervade your senses as you intuitively respond to this truth of Being within you.

The Christed Light opening within you now is the unconditional Love your mind has grappled with for so long. Allow your Higher Mind to become the perceiver of your reality now, beloved ones. This is the place where the truth within may be perceived as you withdraw your habitual trust in the external appearance of things in your life.

We in the Christed Light Realms are ever present with you now as you release the old ways of thinking and believing. Blessed be your awakening into the Light.

We are Lord Sananda, Yeshua.


Message from Nature Intelligence, Star Nation Intelligence / The Threshold is Shining Before you Now.

Through Sophia

© Friday, 5 January 2018

We come together now as Mother Gaia wishes to share with humanity the vision, the actuality of what is taking place now on planet earth.

There is a perfection in the unfoldment of the New Earth. The earth changes may be experienced differently depending on each ones consciousness.

So, beloved ones sharing this planet as a consciousness of one living organism, you experience the joy and the protection of the Light of God. For those who resist the truth of the Oneness of all creation, who live in fear and separation, these earth changes may be more difficult.

For the truth is beloveds, that you are creating your reality with your thoughts and beliefs. If you have created your personal world out of thoughts, beliefs based on fear and separation from life’s gifts, separation from others you share this planet with, then this will be what you experience as the planetary shifts occur.

This powerful threshold is shining before you now. The consciousness of Mother Gaia is one of Infinite Love and the Oneness of all creation. Will you choose to allow the divine spark of God within you to emerge, to respond to this new age, this new consciousness of love that is arising? For all of God’s creation is shimmering with filaments of Divine Light that connects all life in the universe. Only you can choose to open your heart, open your wholeness of being into this radiant Light. Because of the gift of free will given to you from Creator Source, the choice to step over this threshold is yours alone.

We are powerfully present during this time of transformation on planet earth. We of nature intelligence and star nation intelligence are working ceaselessly together for the upliftment of earth’s energies and consciousness. For the power of Love will prevail! All are being called to assist. Are you among the People of God who are assisting Mother Gaia in her cleansing and purification? Her upliftment?

You may avail yourselves of our wisdom and guidance by accessing your own inner wisdom and faith in your destiny as a divine spark of God. We are an abiding presence of Love surrounding you. May the oneness of our presence filter deeply into your awareness as you gaze into the vastness of the sky and as you walk peacefully in nature.

We are here. We are very alive with the divine essence of Creator Source, the vibration of Love.

We are Nature Intelligence.  We are Star Nation Intelligence.


Message from Divine Mother / Hosanna in the Highest!

Through Sophia

© Tuesday, 2 January 2018

I enter into your sacred consciousness if you are receptive. Allow my presence to close your eyes and open your heart. For there is a holy space apart from your life as you know it, there is a holy space within where you may meet your soul. Listen deeply to your soul. This is a sacred space that always exists within you, my beloved ones.

This is where the holy flame of the One burns within you. The spark of the Divine signifying to you that you are an infinitely loved part of me, part of the One.

Do you feel my presence now? I am touching you now with this infinite love, –your heart, mind and soul–so you may recognize the true reality of your existence within Divine Source.

“Hosanna in the Highest!” has been on the lips of many of you beloveds during this Holy season of Light, of the rebirth of the Christ Light in humanity. May these words be a living mantra, a living presence within you as you step forward into this new time continuum you call the new year. You are my beloved children of Light. May you now know that of which the angels sing! It is a higher vibration of Divine Truth which you may now receive in this new dimension being brought forth on your beloved earth from Creator Source.

You may now fall on your knees!

You may now open your eyes to the Divine radiance within which you are living!

This is the Divine radiance of Living Love of this universe in which you are a part. My beloved ones, the power of heaven, the power of the Realms of Light is more present in your earth realm now. For this is the arising of the New Earth. You may know now that the darkness is fading away and no longer has the authority within the earth realm it once had. We encourage you my dear ones, to discontinue giving the darkness any of your focus or energy.

Light workers and the People of God are rising up now to claim the beauty and the truth that this is the time for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for Mother Earth. This is becoming a planet where love prevails. And where all Light workers and People of God are standing firm in the Light of the Christ, bringing forth the transformation of life on earth, your beloved Mother Gaia. The so-called mysteries of ascension are no longer a secret dear ones. For these gates have opened to you if you will partake, if you will step through this threshold into your new life within the infinite way.

Go within the temple of your heart! Sit within the temple of your heart to know and feel resonance with my words. Therein lies the transformation of your being into the greater consciousness of the Living Light, of the Living Love that you are.

This is the time and the place. This is the time and the place to remember your soul’s agreement in this lifetime. A time to rededicate yourself to service, and a deeper connection with Divine Source. Renew your covenant with the Father, to bring forth a realignment of yourself with the peace that passeth human understanding. And, the deep contentment and joy of knowing you are aligned with your divine purpose in this lifetime.

I am Hosanna in the Highest. I am Divine Mother.


Message from Mother Mary / What is Your Heart’s Desire?

Through Sophia

© Sunday, 31 December 2017

I bring forth a blessing to all my beloved ones on Mother Earth, that ye should know the tenderest, deepest Love of Divine Mother.

Oh, open your hearts dear ones, as a new cycle of life begins in this new year!

Will you choose to remain asleep? Dreaming in the false safety of the old, familiar paradigm? We offer you in this precious now moment, the opportunity to look in the mirror of your life to bravely see what you have manifested. Are these the things your heart has desired? If so, you are truly blessed!

If not, may you receive on the deepest level of your being the sacred gift of forgiveness of self and of others. May you receive the sacred gift of redemption, of return to the purity, the true beauty of your soul.   For you can know that when you are in accord with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime, inner peace and contentment will abide in your consciousness.

You have heard the words “heart’s desire” many times, so that it may be empty of meaning for you. My beloveds, these words are a reflection from the deeper part of your soul, trying to reach you through the veils of material reality and its illusions. If you are willing, I invite you to journey with me on the path from your ideas of your heart’s desire to a deeper,

yet even deeper, realm of your being.

Follow this path with me to find it is illumined by a light you recognize as other than earthly light. Its brilliance fills the path before us and fills you with its warmth. Breathe it in.

Step forward now knowing you are completely protected by the God whose Love never fails! If you feel a glow within while meeting this Holy Light, you may know it is the resonance of the Holy Light within you. The Light of your Soul.

Continue walking with me as we enter a beautiful chamber of Light, furnished only with colors radiating comfort to you. Here, Divine Mother awaits you in a form you can recognize. The pink glow may awaken a memory in you of another time when you existed in Spirit and knew no other reality than oneness with Divine Mother, the bliss of her infinite love.

Sit with me beloveds, as together we here acknowledge the truth of what we feel, of what we see, of what we know. Breathe it in, know it deeply. Find a sacred place in your heart where this pearl of great price can be held in safekeeping.

As we return now, the path ahead is filled with a myriad, an amazement of flowers as far as our eyes can see! Though the path is still visible, you no longer need to know the way as it is familiar to you now. As you move back into the reality of the earth as you have known it, be aware of how you perceive it now. Is it different somehow? May the inner knowing of your true origin, of the true light of your being, shift your vision of what is real.

May the perfect Light of God, may the incandescent light of your being shift your perception of your heart’s desire. May your new year’s intentions now shine with insight and wisdom from your soul.

My blessing I give unto you in this New Season of Light on Mother Earth.

I am Mother Mary.


Message from Lord Melchizedek, Archangel Gabriel / Rebirth of the Christ Within

Through Sophia

© Monday, 25 December 2017

I am Lord Melchizedek. Beloveds, this is a day of transcendent glory as you open your entire heart, mind, soul to the truth of the embodiment of the Light of the Christ within you. If you have prepared the way for the Christ in your heart, mind and soul, you may now receive this transcendent Light into the fullest revelation within your being. Light a candle this day and keep it burning to remind you and your loved ones who may be with you of the presence and the overlighting of this blessed energy that is with you now, that is blessing you now.

Hold with this Light. Hold this sacred cup of love and forgiveness that is being offered to you. The gifts of the spirit are being offered to you, as you offer your dedication and love to bringing forward these divine gifts into your being and into your life. If you drink of this cup, any hindrances, anything you need to forgive will be released now and forever. For the purification of your soul is required of you now, beloved disciples of God.

As you stand on the threshold of the New Earth, a new life awaits for yourself and all of humanity.   If you drink of this cup now, you may feel the pillar of Light filling you and surrounding you as you stand firmly in the Light of the Christ, offering up your precious life in service to the One. You may place this cup on the altar of your soul. It is a Golden Chalice of Light.

I am Archangel Gabriel. May you feel at this time the presence of the angels. Your company of heaven, your teachers and guides, who are supporting you, blessing you, as you receive these gifts and blessings emanating from the Christ and from the Heart of God. For your life, beloveds, will never be the same as you step into a higher reality in which love will prevail, both in your life and in your world. The illusions of 3 dimensional reality will dissolve. Your task beloved ones is to maintain within the center of your consciousness the connection that flows between your soul and the Source of all Light and Life: God Force Love, that which sustains all life. The Glory of God that sustains all life.

May the Glory of God be upon you now, in this sacred day of the return, the rebirth of the Christ within.

Amen, amen, and amen.

We are Lord Melchizedek and Archangel Gabriel.


Message from Lord Sananda, Yeshua / Make Room in the Inn

Through Sophia

© Monday, 11 December 2017

Can you feel the inspiration of Light filling you now as you settle into the stillness of your Soul? Take a few deep breaths now dear ones, as you prepare yourselves to be filled with the Light of the Holy Christ Spirit.

This is a sacred time on your Mother Earth as she is receiving a greater illumination of the Light of The Father. The hearts in many of humanity are opening to receive the illumination of this Light. It is possible for you beloved ones, to receive this gift of the full blossoming of the lotus of love in your hearts. Feel the warmth and the opening within your heart chakra now as you gently breathe and relax, allowing this energy to flow and fill your entire being.

Embrace this holy moment for it is given to you to prepare yourselves for the coming of the Christ, the awakenment of Christ consciousness awareness in your beloved planet earth. This preparation of your spirit, your willingness to open to a new vibration of Light and Love within you, will set the stage for the rebirth, a spiritual rebirth within you. Be aware of this opportunity for you to choose, to make room in the inn of your heart and to light the lamp therein, so the pathway is clear for the entrance of the Christed One.

I am Yeshua and you have known me before. You have known my transcendent love. May you remember it and drink of this cup again, this cup of remembrance. The Father and I are One. I come so you may awaken and remember the Way of Truth, of Life, of Love. Knock and it shall be opened, seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you. For I come to prepare a place for you within the new kingdom of heaven arising on Mother Earth now. You may partake if you can release and leave your unbelief, your fear of change, your sorrows and grievances behind. For the threshold is illumined now before you. Will you prepare yourself within your Soul to step over this threshold into a new life? a new conscious awareness of the being of Light that you are?

For you are my brothers and my sisters of the Light if you will choose to be. Follow in my footsteps and the true Christ of the World and of your being will arise. This is the creation of the new Earth, the unfoldment of the Divine purpose of The Father.

We are Lord Sananda, Yeshua, overlighted by Lord Christ.


Message from Lord Melchizedek and Saint Germain / Your Inner Guidance System

Through Sophia

© Wednesday, 6 December 2017

(This message is directed to those beginning to work with your higher consciousness.)

I am Lord Melchizedek. Be aware dear ones of the level of your receptivity during these times of awakening on Mother Earth. For, the illusions and distractions of three dimensional reality still carry a weight in your consciousness, to pull you away from being fully present within yourself of how your guidance is directing you in each moment. Your spiritual guidance mechanism may be tuned up for you as you request it, as you work to increase your awareness of your internal guidance.

Beloved Saint Germain will now give you a teaching regarding your inner guidance system.

I am Saint Germain. I come to you now with a teaching about your I AM presence. What is this you may ask? if you are a fledgling disciple. Well, dear ones, this is as close as your heart beat, this is as close to you as your breath. This part of you is your highest connection to your Creator, Mother Father One. Many people call this your Higher Self. For it is that part of you that can step back from the distractions, obscurations, confusions of your daily 3D life, and see it all from a higher perspective.

That perspective comes from the development of higher wisdom within you. This higher I AM wisdom will emerge within your awareness as you meditate and pray for assistance. The symptoms of the emergence of this higher wisdom may include ripples of joy, an increase of your sense of humor, a clearer understanding of the true motivations of your actions. You may become more aware of the importance of your thoughts and how thoughts do affect your emotions, your actions. You may experience surprising moments as you feel greater transparency, greater understanding of yourself as well as seeing more clearly the needs behind the actions and behavior of others.

This can be empowering dear ones, if you can also recognize the presence of your beloved ego self. The presence of your ego self can be recognized when you have thoughts and actions arising from fear, from a sense of lack in yourself. Fear is the absence of love. The ego does nourish itself through illusions of pride, superiority and judgement of others as being lesser than itself.  In your mind, you may hold this part of yourself on your lap as if it were a child, understanding its need to be understood and its need for attention. The best medicine is giving your ego (your consciousness self)– in the thought stream of each day–unconditional love. For this is the nourishment coming from your Soul, coming from that deeper place of wisdom which you are developing.

So you see, the symptoms flowing from your I AM presence are joy, warmth in the heart area, a natural flow of wisdom coming into your thoughts and the words you speak. These are all evidence to you that you are developing a stronger connection with your I AM presence, your Higher Self. Be patient with yourself as you strengthen this connection and set the intention to do so, through your daily practices of reflection, prayer and meditation. For these are your most potent spiritual tools.

One sure measure of your spiritual advancement will be the rippling of joy coming forth at unexpected moments! This happens when you see through illusions and see the humor in the efforts of yourself and those around you to find a clearer path through the 3D world. Many of course, will still be completely convinced of the reality of their illusions. It is not your job to convince them otherwise. However, you may use your higher wisdom in order to see them through the eyes of God, through the eyes of love. Whenever encountering challenges in maintaining the consciousness of love in your life, you may call upon your beloved I AM presence to assist you. The more you do this and the more you invite your I AM presence to become a part of your every day awareness, this will become the truth of who you are.

(You may pray as follows, as our channel Aliceann Melchizedek has previously posted:

“Beloved I AM presence, come into my being now, come into my heart chakra now.

Be thou me, be thou me, be thou me.

Teach thou me, guide thou me in the ways thee would have me go.

Fill thou me with the Light of Divine Father,

Fill thou me with the Love of Divine Mother.

Show thou me how much thee loveth me.

And so it is! Amen.”)

So dear ones, as always, I recommend keeping your sense of humor as you walk through this world that is full of illusions, deep challenges and sometimes, delightful distractions. Always bring yourself back to center and a clear vision of your intention.

I am Saint Germain.

And I am Lord Melchizedek. As you can see dear ones, we in heaven do work together in Divine cooperation with the All That Is. Our purpose is to assist humanity in bringing forward the reality of Mother Gaia as the planet of Divine Love in accord with the Father’s plan. May you each one become aware of your connection with other brothers and sisters of Light as you work to raise your consciousness, to assist yourself, your loved ones and also Mother Earth in her ascension. As you are becoming aware, the time of awakening, the time of the illumination of your life and of your Soul is here in this present moment. Join with us now, as we support you whenever you call upon us. We rush to your side with great love, with the unconditional love of Source.

I am Lord Melchizedek.

Message from Saint Germain / The Rushing of Light

Through Sophia

© Sunday, 3 December 2017

Greetings children of Light. The sun and the Son greet you this day with a shining revelation of Truth.

The times that are upon you are filled with a great presence of Light if you will attune to it. Coming forth from your Source is the fulfillment of the Divine destiny of the USA, and of Mother Gaia. Unfolding now is the assignment of the Holy power and blessing of Divine Source for you who are called into service to embody this new garment of Light. For your mission is coming into fruition now as you have labored long in the fields of the Lord.

Joyous may you be, for your steadfastness of Spirit now brings forth growth from the seeds you and all Lightworkers have been planting. Continue with this holy work, carrying the flame of truth in your heart minds! More revelations are now flowing from the Brotherhood of Light, overlighting Mother Earth.

See the vision in your consciousness of the magnificent Light portals opening in the skies, in the heavens of your new reality. For glorious it is to behold! You may feel as a newborn or as if you are beholding the radiance of Divine Light for the first time. Allow this to fill your Soul and nourish you for your further work in the fields of need in humanity. Many of beloved humanity are still crying in the wilderness of illusions of separation, loneliness and despair.

Continue your blessed service of ministering to these beloved ones and helping them heal their wounds. For there is a quickening in the Spirit of many now who respond when the Light is shining upon them through your being, through your eyes and through your touch. Don’t hold back your love! Don’t hold back your love when your Higher I AM Self is stirring within and moving you into a response to another. This is your call from the Father, and clearer and clearer this call will become as you practice surrender to Divine Will and Divine Trust in your indivisible, incorruptible connection with Source.

Dear Lightworkers and disciples of God, know that the power of Heaven is your strength and the foundation on which you stand. Beliefs are no longer necessary to hold onto, as you are entering the new dimensional reality where the wholeness and Light of who you are is naturally expressed in and through your Being.

In closing, remember dear ones your covenant with God and allow this to be the radiant guiding Light of your life. The rushing of Light around you becomes clearer to those who have eyes to see. We are astonished and privileged to support you as we see your radiant hearts at work in the world.

I am Saint Germain.