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Messages from the Father

Alice Lucille

Alice Lucille is unique in her service to God, as she carries tremendous Source Energy. Her love and devotion to God and to the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy is evident in all that she does. When she first began to scribe the Father, Creator Most High, she was in the initial phase of receiving for her own well-being and training into Higher Consciousness. Encouraged by her Teacher, the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, she continued to bring forth these messages from Prime Source. Eventually, the messages came daily as instruction and confirmation from Prime Source that all was proceeding as the Divine Plan indicated. Even though the Father comes to Alice nearly daily, there are other Divine ones that occasionally come to her to bring forth a message.

This webpage is solely devoted to the messages from the Father-Creator One in all aspects of the Godhead, so that at times the title will vary slightly to indicate the aspect of Creator that most needs to come forth that given day. Although there is a list provided for convenience for all who regularly visit this post, it is best to check daily for the latest Word from Creator. These profound words of God are laden with Love, understanding, and words of encouragement, no matter what the topic may be. We invite you to enjoy the breadth and depth of the Father’s Eternal Wisdom through these messages of Love & Light.


Current Message of the Day

Scribe of the Father / Joy Fills This Land

Through Alice Lucille

©Wednesday 3 January 2018

It is a time of rejoicing listen to the turtle dove. Nature can teach you so many things. The awakenment occurred in the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms first. Commune with nature and thou shall be taught. Their essence reaches out to all. Allow yourself to be touched, soothed and caressed by this energy. Sit in the Sun feel this wonderful vibration. My awakened ones you are now one with all that is. Bring this energy forth to the world of men. You are truly blessed to be upon this Earth plane in the Age of the Holy Spirit [Shekinah]. Remember in the days of the Essenes, you sat and were taught by the Ascended Master Teachers. You walked with Jesus and ministered within this radiance.

You have once again come together to bring to fruition the Fathers Divine Plan. There is nothing that can halt or bring to a stop  to the joys that now await thee. You shall see no sickness, death, no homeless or destitute. The time is now. You know that thy Redeemer liveth and on the Earth shall stand. Yes beloveds, the Christ has returned in all His Glory. Do not look for a sign, go within and thou shall know. Can you not feel His Presence? The Christ Light is there for all. Bring this Light forth.

You have labored long and hard, at times, to see this come to fruition. You left the realms of Glory to serve, to work hand in hand, to bring Heaven down. Creating a collective consciousness as you have done in your community of Light is the change that was needed to get the momentum going. As you, or some say, are the boots on the ground, work very closely with the higher realms, all shall come to pass. Bringing your Over self down, living from your true self creates harmony.

Soon your government shall be one of liberty and justice for all. Your leaders shall be of the Light, to bring forth the Law of the One. No more lies and deception, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. This is what freedom is, this is liberation, this is divine cooperation not only here upon this Earth plane but with many Star Nations. You are One Unity Consciousness, as you stand in the Light, you bring forth the Light. The battle has been won. Put on your garments of Light as you soar to realms unknown.

You are the Light, you are the way that leads to eternal life in the Fathers House of Many Mansions. Love thy brethren as you bring forth peace, forgiveness, generosity, thankfulness in compassionate action, in the days ahead. Your service shall not go unrewarded. Join as one. I give thee My blessing this day, My beautiful children of the Light.

I am the Father